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A learning revolution for the 21st century

Vivekananda defines education thus, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.” Our philosophy is deeply aligned with this thought as we believe that learning is a process of self-discovery and questions enable the construction of knowledge that is within. Creatnet enables learners to grow in awareness and develop a mindset of learning to learn, to become self-driven learners for life. We believe if this objective is achieved then education (schooling) is successful.

Our Work

Awakening Leadership From Within

The role of every educator is changing – From content delivery to enabling the construction of knowledge that is within the learner. Hence empowering educators as facilitators of learning is key to enabling the next generation as self-driven learners for life.

Our Programs

For School Leaders

Educational Leader Program

For Teachers

Teacher Leadership Program

For Youth

Youth Leadership Program

Teen Leaders Program

For Parents

Conscious Parent Program


A unique technology platform for learning and leadership

Krya is an online platform for leading, learning and growing in awareness and impact. Powering group and self learning – Principals, Teachers, parents, children through technology.

A key aspect of learning programs is their integration with technology that enhances and enables learning – for both self and team (group of principals, teachers & youth). Krya is an online portal for leading, learning as well as growing in awareness and impact. It enables the practice of learning through objectives, actions & reflection. Learning asynchronously using curation of resources as well as enables profiling of learners to enable discovery, connection and growth of learning communities.

Distributed Leadership enabling Learning Organizations

Bridging education & enterprise

Educational Reform in Delhi

Today, we work with a gamut of 1000+ government schools in collaboration with SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training, Delhi) and under the DOE (Delhi Directorate of Education), and SDMC. This model has been developed and grown over the decade through catalyzing the leadership within the system.

Business as Learning Organization

Creatnet for business has worked with 70+ entrepreneurs and 200+ business organizations on their professional and organizational development. Creatnet looks at organizations from the frame of consciousness, cohesively integrating the organizational processes of people, strategy and operations in order to build conscious learning organizations.

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Know oneself to master oneself and actualize self, schools and systems

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