Creatnet Learning Center

Creatnet Learning Center is a space to enable lifelong, continuous, and conscious learning in all self-driven learners.

Entrepreneur Program

As an entrepreneur you may come to believe that your only friends are your dreams and aspiration, and in that pursuit, often best efforts do not work, making you wonder what can be done differently! Creatnet’s Entrepreneurship Program is a Leadership and Management program for Entrepreneurs and Owners. In the program, Creatnet’s experienced facilitators help you reflect and get to the root causes of problems and leverage the most effective management tools – all through a meta-framework of questions (based on models, concepts, and predictions by thought leaders in academics, business, psychology, and spirituality) in a group learning format. Creatnet’s Entrepreneurship Program (EP) sessions create an environment of learning and growth for the participants in an atmosphere of trust.

Core Leadership Program

A leader is the one who seeks to answer – what can ‘I’ do about this situation. Through this program, you will not only build resilience to changes that will occur but learn as a leader to actively seek change as an opportunity to grow. The Core Leadership Program brings a paradigm shift in the way leaders learn – it is a conscious, creative, continuous, and an integrative way of learning

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