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Creatnet Organization System (COS)

The primary sustainable source of growth of any enterprise is its ability to be a learning organization. Creatnet Organization System (COS) builds an integral culture of a practice of conscious continuous learning within an organization.
Organizations run three processes to achieve their organizational objectives, namely strategy, people and operations.

Rather than looking at each of these processes in silos, COS provides a perspective to look at each part in the context of the whole, while recognizing the significance of each process within a frame of embedded awareness.
Values. beliefs and norms of execution, together form the culture of any organization. We enable an alignment between individual values and organizations’ collective lived values to guide an executional strategy. Our focus is on supporting the creation of balanced objectives in line with different stakeholders and strategy, with a consistent effort on facilitating the learning and development of the people in an organization.
As consciousness is a common thread supporting our work, this system is facilitated by a group of self-aware facilitators, who themselves are a part of continuous learning circles and practice the learning cycle of action, reflection, and silence. In effect, every learner becomes a leader and every leader is a conscious learner.

We develop learning organisations

For any organization to grow, it needs to be proficient at continuously creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge. However, what sets a learning organization apart from any growing organization is its conscious attempt to use its insights and knowledge into its practice for growth. A complete cycle of learning involves action, reflection and silence, wherein we reflect to identify a problem, action out alternatives/solutions, and measure its outcomes. Practice is a key component of any learning organization. However knowledge is uniquely constructed, internalized and expressed by a learner, in essence, relevant knowledge enables expansion- a shift of belief and behavior.

Entrepreneur Coaching

The greatest leverage of growth in an enterprise is the learning of its entrepreneurial leader. Hidden behind what an entrepreneur may see as a challenge is a learning opportunity. Our coaching practice enables the core competency of learning to learn, empowering entrepreneurs to take responsibility for their own learning as the very foundation of being a leader. As the growth stage of an enterprise requires a role shift on the part of the entrepreneur, we help them in navigating through different challenges with respect to learning to manage oneself and rapidly learning from what is working (and what is not), in order to change and refine the business strategy, operations and people processes, looking at both the part and the whole. The prerequisite – continuous commitment to learning enables growth in one’s awareness, culminating in the discovery of insights that are inherent.

Executive Coaching

A Team Leader’s life changes starkly from managing oneself to managing others. People take time to really understand what this shift truly means. It requires a new set of competencies. Our Conscious Leadership for L2 program builds on a group learning approach to develop these competencies in Team Leaders. Competencies are looked across the people, operations and strategy processes of an organization, in context of a leader’s organizational role and objectives. This program helps team leaders develop a deeper understanding of their own leadership style which helps them create an individual profile and development plan for each individual.

Professional Manager Coaching

Senior leaders in an organization are required to make decisions looking from a systemic level across organizational domains. COS based one-on-one coaching format enables managers to align with their specific organizational goals and supports them in building accountability on their goals. We are their reflection partners, acting as a sounding board for their thoughts, problems, action plans, etc. while also facilitating conscious decision making by helping them think through different perspectives. These sessions enable development and assessment across competencies, panning the processes of people, operations and strategy, that are looked at from the lens of consciousness.

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