Conscious School Communities
Learn Together, Grow Together
Conscious School Communities
Learn Together, Grow Together
Conscious School Communities
Learn Together, Grow Together

The expansion of awareness in leadership within organizations directly influences the development of organizations. This expands from the level of an individual to groups and systems and is visible in the relationships and behavior
– Darshan Bhat (Founder – Creatnet)

From Self-Awareness to Systems awareness

To bring about a change in the current state of education, to bridge the gap between fact and fiction, between theory and practice, we see the school principals as leaders and change agents. The Principal in Peter Senge’s language is a “fulcrum” point leading learning and its process in the whole school. The impetus for change and reform comes first from the Head of school or Principal. They are the leaders for the teachers- the people who have a direct influence on the learning of children in a school.

Become a part of Conscious School Communities (CSC)

Enabling learning communities (sanghas) within the school

Enabling learning communities (sanghas) across schools

Educational Leader Program- Flagship year long group learning with school leaders

Enabling learning communities (sanghas) across schools

Our institutions are reflections and manifestations of our thoughts, thus changing the system starts with changing ourselves. Embark on a journey with a group of 10 school leaders, as a community of schools learning together, towards growing conscious leaders and learning organizations.

Who should you join as a school leader?

Accelerate Educational leadership by learning to:
  • Develop self, group & system awareness, learning, leadership
  • Lead school administration and effectively manage School Learning
  • Build and lead teams, communities to enable distributed leadership
  • Transform learning culture by developing teacher leadership
  • Lead school innovations, learning global context and best practices
  • Lead school partnerships, lead stakeholders, create a shared vision
  • Become a facilitator and enable other leaders to build Learning organizations
  • Learn facilitation and empower other school stakeholders
  • 1 year membership to technology platform KRYA. Gateway to curated leadership and learning programs for teachers, teenagers and parents with
  • access opportunity to facilitate other ed leaders
  • Network and catalyze educational change with a wider educator community
  • Global best practices for school learning
  • Educator event series – SharED – platform for educators
  • Partner to enable your school as a learning organization – embodying a learning culture

    Enabling learning communities (sanghas) within the school

    The primary sustainable source of growth of any enterprise is its ability to be a learning organization. Creatnet Organization System (COS) builds an integral culture of a practice of conscious continuous learning within an organization.

    Suite of programs for teachers on a consultative basis.

    Creatnet Way: Integrated Leadership

    The Creatnet way has emerged through a continuous, conscious practice of enabling learning for leaders in business and education. It integrates leadership and learning – inside and outside. It is a journey experienced as a progressive growth in creation, connection, and self-awareness. It operates at the level of individual, collective, and systems. There are three interrelated elements in the Creatnet way:

    Meta - Framework

    The Meta Frameworks enable thinking about thinking. Through a portal of questions that offers an inquiry, one creates knowledge by inquiring in context and making connections.


    Our facilitators are practitioners who practice what they enable. They hold the space for inquiry and enable practice for others using the frameworks. The facilitators provide the listening, manage the learning process, and enable synthesis.

    Group Learning

    All programs and sessions are designed to be facilitated in small groups. Participants can listen to each other, experience different perspectives, and learn from context that is not their own.


    A unique technology platform for learning and leadership

    Krya is an online platform for leading, learning and growing in awareness and impact. Powering group and self learning – Principals, Teachers, parents, children through technology.

    A key aspect of learning programs is their integration with technology that enhances and enables learning – for both self and team (group of principals, teachers & youth). Krya is an online portal for leading, learning as well as growing in awareness and impact. It enables the practice of learning through objectives, actions & reflection. Learning asynchronously using curation of resources as well as enables profiling of learners to enable discovery, connection and growth of learning communities.

    What Leaders Have to Say

    Know oneself to master oneself and actualize self, schools and systems

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