“Creatnet and Darshan Bhat have been valuable partners in both my personal journey and in Nicobar’s evolution.

At a personal level, working with Creatnet has expanded my awareness and ways of being. Specifically, through Creatnet, I have found space in my journey for Action, Reflection and Silence. Creatnet is particularly adept at helping individuals value the reflective and silent spaces.

Like any entrepreneurial venture, Nicobar has gone through ups and downs – and Creatnet has been with us through the journey and helped us handle events with equanimity. They have rolled up their sleeves and helped us with leadership and org development primarily but also stepped in to help with supply chain, technology and digital as needed. Creatnet has helped me evolve my leadership style – but even more, provided important triggers for me to know myself better. For Simran and me, Creatnet is a team of truly special authentic people who are not your typical consultants, think out of the box and who may not be fully appreciated by everyone they come in contact with.”