It’s lovely being an entrepreneur!

As an entrepreneur you may come to believe that your only friends are your dreams and aspiration, and in that pursuit, often best efforts do not work, making you wonder what can be done differently! Creatnet’s Entrepreneurship Program is a Leadership and Management program for Entrepreneurs and Owners. In the program, Creatnet’s experienced facilitators help you reflect and get to the root causes of problems and leverage the most effective management tools – all through a meta-framework of questions (based on models, concepts, and predictions by thought leaders in academics, business, psychology, and spirituality) in a group learning format. Creatnet’s Entrepreneurship Program (EP) sessions create an environment of learning and growth for the participants in an atmosphere of trust.

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Who should attend?

The program is focussed on entrepreneurs and owners who are seekers and would like to expand, explore, and gain contextual perspectives in aspects of how they lead, manage themselves, solve problems, and take decisions while exploring areas of strategy, execution, people, marketing, supply chain, technology, and management.

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The creatnet way

Try Learning our way!

The Creatnet way has emerged through a continuous, conscious practice of enabling learning for leaders in business and education. It integrates leadership and learning – inside and outside. It is a journey experienced as a progressive growth in creation, connection, and self-awareness. It operates at the level of individual, collective, and systems. There are three interrelated elements in the Creatnet way:

Meta - Frameworks

The Meta Frameworks enable thinking about thinking. Through a portal of questions that offers an inquiry, one creates knowledge by inquiring in context and making connections


Our facilitators are practitioners who practice what they enable. They hold the space for inquiry and enable practice for others using the frameworks. The facilitators provide the listening, manage the learning process, and enable synthesis.

Group learning

All programs and sessions are designed to be facilitated in small groups. Participants can listen to each other, experience different perspectives, and learn from context that is not their own.


Leadership Competencies Negotiation Skills, Coaching Skills, Communication Skills, Change Management, Decision Making, Managing Self.

Generic Strategy Business Model Analysis, Value Creation, Setting the Objectives of Business, Development Implementation Strategies, Balanced Scorecard.

Financial Strategy-Develop insights on how to plan the financial strategy to meet the needs of the business, Develop Business Acumen.

Marketing Strategy Understand Strategic Marketing Models, Product Launches, Market Penetration.

HR Strategy – Explore Strategic HR Models, Create a Climate for Results, Develop the Compensation Policy of the Organization.


Program Benefits

Past participants have achieved significant business breakthroughs by focusing on self-growth, EP focuses on:

Helps you strength the practice of conscious-continuous learning through – Action, Reflection, and Silence

Helps you work on removing the obstacles that stop your business from reaching its full potential.

Distills the most effective management ideas prevalent across the world into simple, practical frameworks.

Gives you the time and tools to take a pause and reflect on the business.

Understanding and developing critical leadership competencies

Building and sustaining teams aligned to the organization’s vision and mission

Finding answers to entrepreneurial challenges by sharing in the group and getting diverse perspectives.

Creates a rich discussion-oriented environment to closely look at the real issues hidden behind your problems.


Some of the entrepreneurs who have benefited

Hari Nallan

Hari Nallan

Co Founder, CEO Think Design

Rahul Dewan

Rahul Dewan

Founder Srijan Technologies

Suma EP

Suma EP

CEO, Niswey


What People Are Saying

“My organization has benefitted from the programme and has grown tremendously, continuously, and meaningfully from a small boutique agency to a global strategic design firm in the past seven years. We have also witnessed growth in leadership and maturity among our employees.”

Hari Nallan

Founder and CEO, Think Design

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