About Us

Creatnet is a multidisciplinary community that enables a learning and leadership culture.

“It is through the art of asking the right questions, that we begin to connect dots and see possibilities”

Darshan Bhat

Founder Creatnet Learning & Leadership

Creatnet Learning and Leadership creates Learning Organisations

Creatnet Learning and Leadership started in 2012 with 10 entrepreneurs in India. The idea of Creatnet took flight through models, concepts, and predictions of thought leaders in academics, business, psychology, and spirituality. Since then, 70+ entrepreneurs have benefitted from Creatnet’s work. Today, the practice has grown to enable the learning and growth of 10+ organisations, 70+ entrepreneurs, 50+ next level of leaders to entrepreneurs and 500+ individuals.

Our work strives to raise individual self-awareness, team awareness, and organisational awareness, which fosters a culture of learning (reflection, action, silence), and leadership (accountability, responsibility, integrity) systemically.

What do we value?

Authenticity and Integrity

We believe in remaining true to ourselves while also accepting the viewpoints of others around us

We believe in the process of constantly striving to be better

We believe in learning. If you learn, you can adapt to any change and enable your own growth. Learn to become

People and relationships are the foundation of trust. We focus on people; we focus on building and engaging communities

We work with organisations and individuals where we know we can deliver value (1 + 1 > 2)

We believe in an integrated approach that impacts both your personal life and work life

Our Clients...

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Sometimes best ideas brew between conversations. We are happy to connect, collaborate and work hand-in-hand. Write to us!

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