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We create learning organisations

A learning organisation differs from other organisations in that it makes a conscious effort to incorporate its insights and knowledge into its practice for growth. A full learning cycle includes action, reflection, and silence, in which we identify a problem, act out alternatives/solutions, and measure the outcomes. Relevant knowledge enables growth, a shift in belief and behaviour—regardless of how knowledge is constructed, internalised, or expressed.

When an organisation pursues profitability while also continuously and explicitly prioritising people development and cultivating a learning culture, the organisation flourishes and experiences balanced growth.

A learning culture is resonant with every aspect within an organisation.


Teams & Organisations

Individual Coaching

Available in one to one format
Our coaching practice facilitates the learning of core and domain competencies required to play one’s role, whether it’s that of a founder, of a second in line leader, or a functional manager.

Entrepreneurship Program

Available in one to one and group format
This program is designed to help entrepreneurs evaluate multiple strategic opportunities, drive operational excellence, as well as foster the growth of their people and business. It enables the development of a business that is guided by the vision, purpose, and values of the entrepreneur.

Core Leadership Program for Managers

Available in group format.
The program’s goal is to enable managers to develop lifelong learning and leadership practices, deal with and face volatility and uncertainty in the world, and manage complex challenges at work or in their personal lives.

Core Leadership Program for Teams

Available in group format.
A value-based programme that enables integrative and continuous learning through the use of Action, Reflection, and Silence. The program’s goal is to empower employees to develop lifelong learning practices.

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