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Learning and its facilitation

By Darshan Bhat 26th September 2022

Conscious learning and leadership

The process and practice of learning is iterative and requires action, reflection and silence.

When the practice is conscious and continuous, there is progressive deepening and expansion of knowledge. Any given knowledge is at best a portal of inquiry and requires the practice of reflection, action and silence for its connecting to oneself, understanding and realization.

In essence, knowledge is uniquely constructed, internalized and expressed by the learner. Relevant knowledge enables expansion- a shift of belief and behavior. It is constantly evolving, contextual and integrative.

Assessment of learning

External indicators of learning are in the behavior of the learner. An alignment between words and action is a good reflection of constructed knowledge. Others’ feedback on behavior is a very powerful mirror for reflection. This is particularly possible in a work or family environment where behaviors are seen and experienced.

Facilitating learning

The role of a facilitator of learning (leader) is that of enabling reflection, action and construction of relevant knowledge. Facilitating Group learning offers the opportunity for multiple perspectives, feedback and mutual growth

It requires creating a climate of trust, mutual respect and support.
It includes creating openness to new ideas and knowledge – a culture in which listening is present, questioning is encouraged and innovation is acknowledged and celebrated. In this climate of openness and trust, there is a feedback loop- an authentic sharing of what is the change that is working and what is uncertain.

Responding to this feedback there is an emergence of new knowledge and growth

The role of a leader can be seen as facilitating the expansion of awareness, reflection and action at multiple levels- self, group and system

About the Author Darshan Bhat

Founder Director of Creatnet, an Entreprenuer, Organizational Coach and Educator. Being a co-founder of Creatnet Education, Darshan has been keenly involved in education for over 20 years and has influenced, designed and led learning programs for professionals and leaders in the space of business and education. His research and practice of group learning is a pioneering contribution to the domain of learning and leadership. As the founder, Darshan is the architect of Creatnet’s practice of building conscious learning communities and the company’s strategic initiatives.

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