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Kama Ayurveda: Digital transformation at the level of strategy, process and people
No. of years of association: 6


Think Design is one of India’s leading UX companies. With the Great Resignation, tech companies saw an exodus of talent. It was around time, the world was going digital. This meant unprecedented demand for talent and dearth of supply.


At one end with the increased business, Think Design needed people, at another end they were also losing people to product companies who, with the demand, were offering 3-4X salary hikes to attract talent. This burning at both ends meant widespread disruption of work and demotivation that resulted because of this situation.


Creatnet offered an internal anchoring program to help connect deeper with the talent and helped alleviate the uncertainty the workforce was facing due to the pandemic. This spurred a bond with the organisation. Key talents were identified and an accelerated leadership program was offered to them, which addressed their current learning needs as well as showed them hope for the future. Creatnet also coached the key people responsible for hiring to help them constantly look at what they can do differently and create new possibilities.
My journey with Creatnet has been an evolutionary process of learning and developing, through this association my organisation has grown exponentially.
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Think Design

Building a leadership pipeline at each level

Through my journey with [Creatnet] my organisation has matured and is a living organism with its own heart and brain that are distinct from mine. I and my organisation compliment each other without representing each other.I have become the best version of myself, and realise that it is a continuum. I have become more self-aware by constantly challenging and accepting myself.

Mangrove collective

Crafting systems for reliable production

Creatnet is unlike any other agency we have worked with. For almost four years, they have been working with us for building systems, streamlining processes, and fostering leadership from within. Creatnet has been like a thought partner in our growth journey. As we continue to learn and grow together, our areas of association with Creatnet are increasing as well.


Building a diverse clientele base

I am glad that we have CLL as our business coach! CLL has been instrumental in translating our business vision into tangible goals. Through their work with us, they have been able to align all the leaders towards a common vision which in itself was a big leap towards the success of Confluence. The ‘C5Qs ‘ sessions continue to help us to generate alternative scenarios on how every situation can be effectively dealt with. Their unmatched insight into administration, systems, and operations has enabled leadership development from within and further allowed for delegation of work which in turn opened up the opportunity to focus on the most important initiatives for growth. Their input towards business goals and objectives has helped us grow both personally and professionally as well as steer forward.